Founded in 2013, Directdialogue is a Portuguese company dedicated to the production and commercialization of Premium olive oil and products, all exclusively “made in Portugal”, operating in the export market, honorably and proudly representingour heritage, using quality as it’s passport to international markets.

The creation of our own brand DEVOTION® (zeal, affection, veneration, dedication, commitment) expresses what we are and what we want to be recognized for. In our products you willidentify the heritage of our roots,the result of a millennial cultural legacy, which distinguishes them from their competition.

We are devoted to our journey of bringing the world a taste of what our ancestors have lovingly passed down to us.

Our Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, superior category, is obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical means, by cold extraction, in a mill equipped with the most advanced technologies. The time between harvesting the olives and extraction of the olive oil is very short, allowing us to bring it to the consumer unchanged, keeping all of its original properties, such as low acidity.

To produce 1 liter of olive oil, we need to harvest about 5 to 6 kg of olives, leading us to have an utmost level of respect towards nature and to having sustainability and environmental concern as two fundamental pillars in our company, reducing the environmental impact by partnering with Sociedade Ponto Verde (management, collection and treatment of waste and recycling), and integrating into the Gs1 and EDI System, with which we reduce the amount of paper used, reducing the carbon footprint.

We also value Social Sustainability. By helping the promotion of Regional and National companies, always using as a foundation the rich and consolidated know how of our small and medium producers, who impart us with their excellency and quality, we simultaneously work towards adding value to the image of Portugal beyond borders by associating to it Premium products that meet the high standards and demands of the international audience.

Our target is Distributors or Agents, granting them access to consistent quality assured, high value products, fabricated by means of a process that grants them unique characteristics and proprieties, assisting them on the search for international success and the promotion of “made in Portugal”.